Before you buy your next landed properties, listen to this...

"Let Me Help You Make the Smartest Real Estate Investment that is Capable of Churning Out Over 150% Return on Your Investment Yearly *In the FASTEST Developing Area* of Lagos State!"


Give me just few minutes of your time and I'll show you what you will be ever thankful for...


Dear Smart Real Estate Investor,


You just lost 1 million, here's why...

If you have at least N2m, then you've technically lost N1m.

But if you are open-minded and likely to listen, that 2m is going to return 150% ROI in a matter of months from now.

I know you are shocked at this point... or annoyed even.

But hold on and continue reading. What I just told you is 100% true and the reason might completely surprise you...

Here is why:

6 months ago, a company launched a new estate in the fastest developing axis of Lagos and pull out a mouth-watering promo offer.

And what happened within the next few months left them shocked.

Guess what?

The whole estate was SOLD OUT!

But that wasn't the shocking part... far from it.

The shocking part was that people were still coming to ask for more.

Every single of the previous buyers... the moment the property appreciated they started coming back for more plots.

The Coincidence Was Too Much

It was as if there was a clock in their heads that told them that once the estate is sold out they should buy more.

But the company launched another estate and guess what?

The same thing kept happening.

Well, it wasn't rocket science.

The estates are located at the fastest growing axis - IBEJU LEKKI.


A Lil' Bit About Ibeju Lekki

Ibeju-Lekki is a local government area in Lagos. Its name comes from 2 autonomous communities; Ibeju and Lekki.

The area attracts massive amount of tourism as it is endowed with beautiful lagoon, beach resorts like the popular La Campagne Tropical Beach Resort, and gorgeous ocean fronts.

Below is a picture of La Campagne Tropical Beach Resort. It is like Miami in Lagos. A night here goes between N50k to N60k.

The development in Ibeju Lekki is so rapid and ongoing, some would even refer to the area as the New Lagos.

In fact, the commercial hub of Lagos state is shifting towards the area with many investments been done to develop industries and infrastructures. (No wonder Kelloggs moved there. Eleganza moved there. Power Oil moved there. Shoprite is moving. And so on!)

It is also one of the locations for the Lagos Smart City deal with Dubai.

In case you don't know what a Smart City is... the picture below is Dubai Smart City and Lagos is trying to replicate same at Refugee Island in Ibeju Lekki;


And here's a proof below from Lagos State Television website. Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode signs smart city deal at Emirate Towers, Dubai;



With the actualization of the blueprint, Ibeju Lekki would become a central hub for businesses, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.

It is neighbour to Dangote's Refinery, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lekki Deep Seaport, Lekki International Airport, Eleganza Industrial Complex...

... and even the prestigious Amen Estate (home to the popular Nollywood actress; Funke Akindele, a.k.a Jenifa) is located right in Ibeju Lekki.

See Amen Estate in the video below;


Ibeju Lekki is the DUBAI of Lagos, which explains why everybody is investing there.

I mean, who wouldn't want to be a neighbour to the richest man in Africa? Yes, Aliko Dangote invested $17b in Ibeju Lekki. Yeah... you read that correctly.

Dangote is building one of the largest oil and fertilizer refineries in Ibeju Lekki. Starting full operation in Q1 of 2019, the refinery will be producing 650mbp of petrol - more than what is needed locally.

It is a huge project... you don't believe me?

Otedola has visited the site

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo visited the site

President of Togo, Mr. Faure Gnassingbe visited

Lagos State Governor, Akinwumi Ambode visited

... and Dangote himself said his refinery is 8 times bigger than the whole of Victoria Island - what???

Watch the video below to hear it from his mouth;

And do you know that... just few months back, Kelloggs (a UK company) and Tolaram Nigeria Ltd. just opened a N6b cereal factory within the Lekki Free Trade Zone, Ibeju Lekki? The project was financed by Standard Bank and its local subsidiary Stanbic IBTC Holdings.

Shoprite has also positioned itself in Ibeju Lekki as we speak.

President Buhari just commissioned the Lekki Deep Seaport, located in the heart of Ibeju Lekki few months back.

Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu just flagged off a N19.3bn 51km coastline road construction linking Ibeju Lekki to Araromi, Ilaje in Ondo state.

Many other companies are right there in Ibeju Lekki... and many more companies are coming in on a daily basis.

The reason is not far-fetch - the zone is going to be a tax-free zone

But the sad part is... not everyone has heard about these mega-projects-endowed part of Lagos that is set to beat even Lekki and V.I combine at it game.

... and the saddest part is, even some that heard and went didn't invest.

Let me chip this story in... not really a story though;

Sometimes last year, I took a potential investor to one of our estates at Ibeju Lekki; Merit Park Estate, just few minutes before the Lekki Free Trade Zone.

See what he saw;



Then the man said to me: "John, what I want is a land, not water".

I explained the vision as much as I could. The proximity of the estate. The layout of the estate. The projects coming to the estate. The future. The gain of investing.

But all my convincing words fell on a deaf ear.

A plot in Merit Park Estate was selling at N4m as at then. Now, the current price is N7m per plot.

That man would have made a profit N3m within 12 months if he had invested back then.

See how the site looks like as at last month and work is still ongoing;


The same thing happened to another client that came to inspect Orangeville Estate.

Here's what he saw;


And here is how the same Orangeville Estate is looking as at January this year (2018).


The client came back to me but unfortunately by then, Orangeville Estate has been sold out.


I get it. Many people have been scammed. Many have been lied to. Many have been duped.

But what he didn't realise that day was... we don't just sell lands, we sell peace of mind. 

"If you close your eyes for the wicked ones to pass, you won't know when the good ones will pass as well." - according to a popular Yoruba adage.


But those that will not listen will not listen and unfortunately it's sad.

This is not even the saddest part...

The saddest part is when these kinds of people come back next year or so and couldn't afford a piece of land in that axis anymore because the price has skyrocketed just like what happened to Lekki Phase 1 (I'll tell you what happened to Lekki Phase 1 later), they will start blaming it on 'their village people'.

Come to think of it...

Dangote Refinery will employ over 300,000 workers (YES... Vanguard confirmed this)


Lekki Free Trade Zone will house hundreds of international and local companies and it is set to employ over 600,000 - direct and indirect.

We've even heard of some companies moving their HQs to Ibeju Lekki

Not to talk of all the companies that are currently operating right in the heart of Ibeju Lekki... like Eleganza, Kelloggs', Power Oil (maker of indomie), and so many others.

... all of those working in these companies will live in or around Ibeju Lekki, right?

Once all these projects materialized... they will start complaining that coming all the way from Ajah or Lekki to Ibeju Lekki is far, then they won't have any other choice than to move to Ibeju Lekki.

Now... before these mega projects materialized and people start populating Ibeju Lekki, why don't you go there before them? This is what SMART investors do!

"One of the secrets of the most successful real estate investors is that they find out where people are going, then they go there before them".

Here's the advantage of getting there before them;

1. You will position yourself - right now, you can choose where you want because of availability and affordability
2. You will buy land at a damn cheap price - properties are very cheap right now
3. You will dominate - even if you think you have enough money (let's say about N100m and wanted to wait till the 'not too distance' future when Ibeju Lekki will 'arrive', that your N100m, today, can buy as many properties as possible scattered all over Ibeju Lekki.

Okay now, let me tell you what happened to Lekki Phase 1 in a jiffie...

Lekki Phase 1 used to be called Maroko.

Maroko was what is today known as Oniru Royal Estate; some parts of Victoria Island and Lekki Phase one.

Maroko was adjacent to Ikoyi and east of Victoria Island. It was a low income area that attracted a lot of migrants since it was in close proximity to economically robust areas (reason why its land appreciates so fast). Same reason why landed properties in Ibeju Lekki will also appreciate so fast that your eyes won't believe it.

Maroko was a slum, a ghetto, but it was transformed and today it is called Lekki Phase 1.

(Although, the eviction and demolition of Maroko in July 1990 was a tragic, sad event that families involved can never forget. That isn't where we are going anyways).

What most people don't know is that...

During the transformation of Maroko to Lekki Phase 1, people (without foresight - sorry for the choice of word) were afraid to invest in the then Maroko. They said it was far. They said it was waterlogged. They said it was a slum.

In 1997, a plot in Lekki Phase 1 was going for just N50,000 but majority of people said it was far (far from where exactly? I don't know :) )

And... today... a plot of land in Lekki Phase 1 is nothing less than N120m - ya, for real! You'd be lucky to find one at that price sef.

For those that couldn't see the future from a slum, it is not their fault.

It is the way humans are wired... we find it hard to adapt change, to see what is hidden... only few are able to!


Did You Also Missed It?

My guess is that this is already happening to you, you might have missed an opportunity like this, maybe Festac Town, maybe Lekki Phase 1.

Like the first estate I told you about... since 6 months ago, it has appreciated from 1.5m to 2.5m. Those who invested couldn't believe it!


But Here's the Good News!

There is a way you can actually get involved in making your kesh cough out over 150% ROI for you, instead of settling for just 9% your bank dash you from your fixed deposit.

... and it is owned by the same trustworthy, genuine real estate company.

Royal Flex Estate Phase 2 is located in the heart of Ibeju Lekki in the same neighbourhood with economic driving projects.

This is capable of giving you a maximum return on investment for your unborn generation.

And with just N2.5m, you can position yourself to own a plot in Royal Flex Estate Phase 2 before it goes up again.

... because at N2.5m, it's a good deal!

It has the best title which is Excision, and it is facing the LFTZ Road directly.

Another great one is Beachfront Courts, located at Akodo just in front of Eko Tourist Centre. It also comes with a Government Approved Excision and selling for a promo price of N4.2m per plot.

These are just a few out of the over 20 awesome, high yielding returns on investment, genuine landed properties you can invest in right away.

And the beautiful part is...

No Omo Onile Wahala

Yes, we have long past that. 

All these landed properties are in a secure, serene, fenced environment. If you decide to buy today and come back 5, 10 years later, you will still meet your land intact.

What is requested of you is a frequent clearing of bushes on your land so it doesn't pose any risk to neighbours.

What about the popular, prestigious Amen Estate Phase 1? This is the same estate where the popular Nollywood actress lives. 

In fact, that is the same location she is using for her popular soap opera; JENIFA'S DIARY.


Amen Estate Phase 2 is now fast selling because of its proximity to Shoprite, LFTZ, Eleko Beach, Lekki-Epe Expressway, VGC, Lagos Business School, Pan African University, Dangote Refinery, etc.

Amen Estate Phase 2 is selling for a promo price of N12m per plot.


How Much Do I Need to Invest in Ibeju Lekki?

From N700,000 to N15,000,000, we have something in your budget range. Just come and invest in Ibeju Lekki. Don't join the clique that will say "ah, and I was told ooo".

Now you've heard about Ibeju Lekki and the investment opportunities that abound.

Don't join the 'it's too far' group. This is an investment far better than any known investment because real estate is the best... ask all billionaires out there, even Dangote is a real estate investor. The U.S president, Donald Trump is a real estate tycoon.

A physical inspection to Ibeju Lekki will WOW you and make you invest right away, holding and getting a return of 150% ROI per annum on properties in this axis.



"Every smart investor knows that one of the secrets of the most successful Real Estate Investors is that they buy land on the fringe of development at an incredibly low price and exercise a little patience for capital appreciation."


I want you to pick up your phone right now, yes do it now and then dial 0 8 0 3 6 1 2 9 4 7 4 to arrange for a site inspection this week. It doesn't matter the time of the day, just call and someone will answer your call.

Expecting your call, dear smart investor.

Call: +2348036129474

Office Address: Road 3, Suite H56/57, Ikota Shopping Complex, VGC, Lagos.

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